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We offer the best service to activate and install all of the services we provide.

We can setup new service for Television Phone Internet and alarm service with ADT Clear Directv Dish Network and Wild Blue in New York NY 10182 quickly. Installation can usually be completed in 24 to 48 hours. Adt Directv Dish Network and Wild Blue require installation however Clear simply sends you a modem to setup and activate. When you place a order we will setup a installtion time that is convenient for you.

After listening to many customers in New York NY 10182 we have found that bundles seem like a great solution at first but once your locked in the rates go up to a unaffordable level. The best answer to this is to simply work with each provider that best suits your needs. For example if Clear is available to you there phone and internet are a great deal this leaves you with your choice of Directv or Dish Network for television service and ADT security for your home or buisness alarm. When you receive your service directly from each provider its eaiser to negotiate the products that you want without being forced into services that you really don't use and this saves you money. We are often asked if we bundle services, the answer is usually no because the level of service seems to drop as the cost goes up in the long run. We setup activate and install your new order with your best interest in mind, so we take time to build your system to your needs. ADT security alarm offers

Adt alarm offers a wide variety of services to keep your home, family and buisness safe. Adt is like having a invisible security guard at your location at all times, to ensure your safety from fire, flood, theft, vandalism, or even medical emergency.

Clear offers wireless internet and telephone to your home or buisness without running wires, they also offer portable computer solutions for your mobile computer at work home and on the go.

Directv has outstanding television service with all the latest features like DVR's so you never miss a show. They also offer the most sports packages like the NFL sunday ticket.

Dish Network also offers great television service and DVR's with affordable low cost programming options.

Wild Blue internet is available everywhere if you live in a area that only offers dial up for your internet needs now you have a highspeed solution, satellite internet works anywhere as long as you have a line of sight to there satellite in the sky.

This is just a breif overview of what these companys can do for you. Please feel free to call us to find out what combination of services will work best for you and your family.

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